Bazmo call recorder
Simply record all your desired phone call
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  • Simple home screen with maximum of two step access to all features.
  • quick switch between inbox and saved items.
  • rich context action options for playback, comment, save, delete ...
  • Select default record mode that suite’s you.
  • Manage exception list of contacts call to record or ignore.
  • Choose to record incoming or outgoing calls or both.
  • Automatically discard phone calls less than a preset duration in seconds.
  • Automatically delete unsaved calls after preset number of days.
  • Set limit for number of call entries.
  • Playback call recordings within the app, or use external player.
  • Add subject and comment even during playback.
  • Search for recorded calls using phone number or any part of subject, comment or contact name.
  • View call history of a contact or phone number.
  • Save, share or delete multiple call recording when necessary.
  • Save your call recording files on DropboxTM while retaining or removing local files, and restore them whenever you desire.
  1. Why did I get call recording failed notification?
    Your call recording might have failed due to one of the following reasons:
    1. Selected "Audio Source" is not supported by your device. You can change this in the Preference Settings.
    2. There is no storage space on SD card.
    3. SD card not present. It might be currently connected to your Computer as a USB storage.
    4. Another call recording app might be active. if so, please deactivate other call recording app and try again
  2. I could here only my voice but not the other party’s voice.
    Select settings menu and change the “Audio Source” to one of the following:
    1. Default
    2. Mic
    3. Voice Up Link
    4. Voice Down Link
    5. Voice Call
    6. Camcorder
    7. Voice Recognition
    Try each of the above until you could hear both parties voices.
  3. My playback stops after screen timeout.
    This is the default behavior, however you can keep screen on during playback by selecting “Keep Screen On” in the settings menu.
  4. I am getting 'Recording Limit Reached' notification

    You can solve this challenge by doing one of the following.

    1. Select Settings from menu options and increase your Recordings Max Count. Pro users may select Unlimited option.
    2. Delete some items from your inbox or saved.